AAC & Emergent Literacy Challenge


If you are  looking for a new, fun and engaging way to motivate those you work with to model AAC or implement emergent literacy teachings more frequently then this AAC & Emergent Literacy Challenge is for you! 

When you download this challenge you will be equipped with:

  • Information on how to get started introducing and implementing an AAC or Emergent Literacy Challenge.
  • Strategies to help make your challenge successful and fun!
  • Pre-filled and blank questionnaires to help gather information to help guide your challenge creation and implementation.
  • Data collection sheets for both AAC modeling & Emergent Literacy implementation.
  • Links to resources that will help supplement your coaching throughout and implementation of the challenge.

Ready to up-level your AAC and Emergent Literacy implementation and coaching while motivating, encouraging and inspiring others to do the same? Download the AAC & Emergent Literacy Challenge and let’s get started!


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