Laundry Day, Sort and Play Sensory Based Literacy Kit


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**NOTE: By adding this item to your cart, you are buying the contents of the sensory based literacy kit featured. The kit does not include the book but the book is available as an add on purchase (link below in the description).

This sensory based literacy kit, is created to empower you, and provide ready made activities incorporating literacy, AAC, and language strategies that are fun & engaging for everyone! Each box is filled with carefully curated and crafted materials that eliminate prep time and maximize fun time!

Included in the box:

- Laminated core vocabulary communication board

- Laminated fringe vocabulary board featuring activity specific vocabulary

- Laminated, larger, individual core vocabulary symbols featured within the book

- Laminated "Follow the CAR" bookmark to guide shared reading experiences

- Sample schedule of activities (prepped with lamination and velcro)

- Follow up worksheet

- Twine to create a clothesline

- Implementation plans (one blank and one completed) to help guide the activities.

- 10 mini clothespins to hang clothes on the clothesline.

- GET THE BOOK FEATURED IN THE KIT!: "Laundry Day Sort and Play"

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